Architects design pro-climate innovations for buildings
Akronym: ClimArchiNet

Supported by: European Climate Initiative (EUKI)

Project duration: 11/2020 - 04/2022

Project leader: Institute for Passive Houses, Slovak Republic

Project partner: Passive House Center, Czech Republic

In construction, moving towards the highest possible energy efficiency of buildings is a decisive factor on the road to carbon neutrality. The main goal of the project is to increase the awareness of architects about the significant impact of buildings on the production of CO2 emissions. The aim of the project is to support the transformation of construction to the standards of the green economy in accordance with the requirements of the European initiative - the so-called Green Deal.

To achieve this goal, the project will seek solutions and identify barriers during round table discussions and workshops. The results of the analyzes of the working meetings of the expert team will become the basis of the strategic document.

The activities will include educating and inspiring architects by visiting examples of good practice abroad, as well as sharing innovative architectural approaches during international conferences.

Project results, important information, examples of good practice, as well as the presentations and input of the organizations concerned and involved will be continuously published on an online platform, which will also serve as a platform for the exchange of experiences in order to ensure long-term sustainability.


Contacts :

Contact SR:

Ľubica Šimkovicová,

Passive House Institute Slovakia

Panónska cesta 17, 851 04 Bratislava

ID: 318 099 44

Steuernummer: 2022 080 280

Bank connection: Tatra banka, a.s.

IBAN: SK56 1100 0000 0026 2201 3577

Registration: MV SR, VVS / 1-900 / 90-26550

Tel .: +421 918 391 084



Contact ČR: 

Tomáš Vanický,

Passive house centre
Údolní 33 | 602 00 Brno | Czech Republic
Tel. : +420 777 479 144


About EUKI:

The EUKI is a project financing instrument by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU). It is the overarching goal of the EUKI to foster climate cooperation within the European Union in order to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. It does so through strengthening across-border dialogue and cooperation as well as exchange of knowledge and experience.


Specifically, projects supported within the EUKI need to contribute to the following objectives:

  • Strengthening knowledge and awareness raising in order to encourage climate protection and the ecological, social and economic opportunities connected with climate action
  • Fostering the exchange of good practices, transfer of knowledge and experience and building of networks in order to support transformative processes and favorable framework conditions for mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Building a bridge to EU programmes through capacity building as well as concept and project development to leverage European funds into innovative and progressive climate action

Target groups of individual bilateral and multilateral measures are governments, municipalities, civil society, consumers and businesses. The primary focus will be on collaborating with Central, Eastern and Southern EU member states.


Who is the ClimArchiNet platform for:

An online web and educational platform for sharing knowledge and research, which serves as an open platform and provides all the outputs of the project. Outputs according to EUKI PR and dissemination program.

The platform will be published in Slovak, Czech and English version (Reports from ClimArchiMeetings, brochure, press releases from conferences etc., will be prepared as a short summaries).

Target groups:

architects, designers, engineers, energy specialists, decision - making organizations, stakeholders, trade organizations, professional chambers, state administration officials, representatives of towns and municipalities, regional deputies, representatives of ministries, environmental associations.


Activities in Slovakia

Round table 1 SR

Date: online 21. 1. 2021

Info: Opening of the topic and introductory presentations by experts

Round Table 1 was the inaugural event of the ClimArchiNet project. Leading experts in the field of architecture, construction and energy spoke in the discussion.

Outputs: discussion topics and record here.


Workshop 1 SR

Date: online March 23, 2021

Info: Identifying barriers and opportunities

The discussants and guests openly named the obstacles facing Slovakia in order to reach the goal of carbon-neutral construction.

Outputs: discussion topics and record here.

Workshop 2 SR

Date: online 6 May 2021

Info: Recommendations and synergies of solutions

The expert team identified what are the best practices and experiences that best illustrate the desired target state and what are the specific recommendations that will lead to the implementation of the solutions.

Outputs: discussion topics and record here.


Workshop 3 SR

Date: online October 27, 2021

Info: Cooperation with the Faculty of Architecture

The assignment of the studio was created in cooperation with the Department of the Chief Architect of the City of Žilina. The results (student work) will form the basis for the elaboration of the new city zoning plan. These are areas of unused track north of the city center, which are in contact with the river Váh. It is a concept of brownfield transformation, which with its attractive location has great potential to connect the city center with the river.

Outputs: discussion topics and record here.


Workshop 4 SR

Date: online 9.3. 2022

Info: Problems of the primary energy factor

The program presented the results of a microstudy that deals with setting the values ​​of the primary energy factor in Slovakia and their impact on the energy efficiency of buildings connected to district heating systems, as well as specific examples from practice. The correct setting of requirements, which also includes the method of calculating the primary energy factor for the DH system (according to MHSR Decree No. 308/2016 valid from 1 January 2017), is an important part of the goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2050.

Outputs: discussion topics and record here.

Round table 2 SR

Date: online 22.3. 2022

Info: How to transform cities and regions to carbon neutral

Cooperation with experts and the Union of Slovak Cities. Urban areas account for 60-80% of global energy consumption and CO 2 emissions. Despite their current negative impact on climate change, cities are also becoming a promising tool for effectively achieving climate goals.

Outputs: discussion topics and record here.


UAU podcast

Discussion for lovers of architecture, environment and sustainable lifestyle. Architecture shapes the environment, it shapes us. It leaves an imprint of the time in which it arises. What will the current one leave? If you are interested in these topics, listen and (perhaps) notice what has been hidden from you so far.

Here are the interviews: UAU Podcast


Conference A0 SR

Date: 13.4.2022
Topics: New european Bauhaus, sustainability in architecture, carbon-neutral urban planning

The 4th year of the A0 Buildings conference took place in Nová Cvernovka in Bratislava - a conference that deals a little with the impact of architecture on the environment and the climate crisis. It is we who can change the current consumerist way of life, architects, engineers, developers, politicians, officials, residents, all of whom, by our decisions, create the future.

Conference website:

Outputs: conference article and recording here.


ClimArchiTrip - excursion in Austria

Date: 28.-30.4. 2022

At the end of our project, we set out on a study tour. We experienced a busy 3 days in Austria, 15+ inspiring architectural works, living in a passive hotel and all in great company. We are very happy that we not only researched architectural works together, but also got to know each other, had fun and discussed topics close to us.

Photos and description of visited objects can be found here.


Strategic document of the ClimArchiNet project in the Slovak Republic

Expert analysis "Transformation of the construction sector of Slovakia to a carbon-neutral"

Slovak language version for download here.

English language version for download here.

Activities  in the Czech Republic 

International Project ClimArchiNet / Climate Architects Network
Project name: Architects design pro-climatic building innovations            
Project Duration: 11/2020 - 04/2022
Project partner: Passive house centre

The project's expert team in the Czech Republic and invited guests are described here.  

The project focused on discussion formats with experts and examples of good practice during 2020-2022: 

Roundtable 1 Czech Republic
Date: online 21 Jan 2021 from 10-12 hrs.
Info: Opening of the project topic and discussion. 
With this Round Table, the Passive House Centre officially launched the expert discussion on the ongoing ClimArchiNet / Innovative Solutions for Buildings and Climate Protection project during architectural design.
Outputs: topics discussed, video recording of the event here.  

Workshop No. 1 Czech Republic
Date: online 18 March 2021 from 15 -17h. 
Info: Existing tools and methodologies with sustainability requirements

The expert group was looking for answers to the questions: how can we practically change approaches to building design that will lead to reduced energy demand, to the development of modern energy and land use and support the adaptation of buildings to climate change in the Czech Republic. What existing methodologies to use for commissioning and evaluating architectural competitions with sustainability requirements. Together they pointed out their strengths and weaknesses. 
Outputs: topics discussed, video recording of the event here.

Workshop No. 2 Czech Republic
Date: online 22 April 2021 from 10-12h. 
Info: Suitability of using the Performance Design&Build method in practice

The expert group discussed the following topics in more detail: what are the strengths and weaknesses of the DesignBuild & Performance method? Will the pilot project of this methodology "New Children's Hospital in Ostrov u Macocha" convince future public investors? Will municipalities and cities be the motivators for change in the commissioning of sustainable architecture? 
Outputs: topics discussed, video recording of the event here.

Workshop No. 3 Czech Republic 
Date: online Virtual Centre on 25 February 2022 from 10 -12h. 
Info: Sustainable Architecture Procurement Directory

How to get sustainability parameters into architectural competitions. How to innovate competitions - considering TAXONOMY, ESG . How to specify/innovate the procurement of different investment amounts.  How to link these points to subsidy titles (increase motivation and awareness of architects and municipalities).
The outcome of the open discussion of the expert group and experts from municipal representatives is MAP - description of a model process of the public investor's procedure for commissioning the construction of a new and adapted building with sustainability parameters towards the architect.
Outputs: the topics discussed are described here.

Final Roundtable 2 CR 
Date: live in the building of the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic + online Webex 1 April 2022 (10-12h) 

Objective of the final expert discussion: presentation of the ClimArchiNet project results and evaluation of its outputs during an expert discussion with the project expert team and invited guests. Joint recommendation of concrete practices and innovative solutions and their application in practice: e.g. the need to design a tool for the public contracting authority and its orientation in the process of creating the right sustainable architecture assignment for the design/construction/renovation of buildings/neighbourhoods with optimal costs and the search for professional capacities and concrete financial resources to complete this tool.
The outputs are incorporated into the Project Strategy Document, see text below.
Video of the event here. 

International Conference on Connecting Buildings & Sustainability in the Czech Republic
Date: online Conference 30 November 2021 live stream from the CSOB Kampus building.
Info: The conference took place in the unique Virtual Sustainability Centre.

Moderator Vladimír Kořen was presenting the whole day's programme during the live broadcast. Experts from the field presented 18 video presentations full of practical experience in the preparation and implementation of sustainable architecture.
The programme was complemented by 6 live panel discussions.
Outputs: topics discussed, video recording of the event after registration to the Virtual CENTRE available here.
You can join the Virtual Centre free of charge on the conference website. Registration here.
The conference recording programme can be found here. 

ClimArchiTRIP BERLIN / Sustainable architecture in the Czech Republic
3-day study tour of good practice examples of sustainable architecture in Berlin / Germany
Date: 20-22.4. 2022

Target group: practicing architects, planners, energy specialists, private firms in the construction sector, city and government representatives

Info: In cooperation with the Technical University of Berlin, we prepared a 3-day study tour of inspiring buildings for a group of 24 professionals from the Czech Republic with expert guides and a Czech language interpreter. The aim of the field trip was to present in practice, on 6 examples of current construction in Berlin, buildings with very low energy consumption and current technologies such as controlled mechanical ventilation, photovoltaics, grey water management systems, green facades and roofs. We observed technical parameters and other information from the process of project preparation, construction implementation and actual operation of the buildings with sustainability parameters. We were interested in buildings not only from the point of view of operational energy needs, but also the energy required for the production, construction and demolition of the building (LCA). During the program, sustainable measures such as natural and recyclable building materials, water management, green facades and roofs, and the development of community renewable energy in cities could be discussed vividly.
More information on the buildings visited can be downloaded here.

The ClimArchiNet strategy document in the Czech Republic 
Outputs and recommendations of the Project Expert Group. 
CZECH language version downloadable here. 
ENGLISH language version downloadable here. 

Target group: practicing architects, planners, energy specialists, private companies from the construction sector, representatives of municipalities and public administration
We have prepared a summary of the findings, available evidence and opinions of experts from the various disciplines who have been involved in the project through the discussions, workshops and international conference described above. The aim was to contribute to a better cooperation between developers (as architects) and procurers (public administrations) of public contracts in the preparation and implementation of very low energy buildings adapted to climate change.

We thank the Czech Chamber of Architects for its patronage of the ClimArchiNet project and its activities in 2021 and 2022.